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Our new online course is a straight-no-chaser dose of reality to make your best next career move.

We're so excited you'd like to hear more about

Career Triage Mastercourse: The Megadose Prescription To Rehab Your Career! 

This self-paced Mastercourse is an excellent fit for mid-career professional women who are feeling stalled and stuck.
You want the path to that promotion or career pivot...to a life that prioritizes your needs and desires, but you’re confused and frustrated about the specific direction you need to take.
Three Master Coaches with over 80 years of experience in human resources, personal and organizational development, and life coaching 
Gwen Hall, Tonya Hill Allen, and Rene’ Washington  will be your expert guides on how to create a new life chapter from a strong foundation of self-knowledge and personal power.
You’ll learn how to determine exactly what you want and how to take targeted action to make what you want become your new reality.. 


Everything in this Megadose Prescription To Rehab Your Career is step-by-step with no stone left unturned.

As long as your desire for change is real and your commitment to making it happen is strong, Career Triage Mastercourse will help you determine what that desired change looks like, then help you validate that change through a series of learning modules, assessments, exercises, and strategies created to ensure you achieve the life pivot you want and need.

Career Triage Mastercourse: The Megadose Prescription To Rehab Your Career goes beyond networking and resume tips (although that’s included!)  to help you identify the root issue of internal blockers to your success. Then we show you exactly how to keep those blockers at bay and open space for new opportunities that get you the life you weren't sure was possible.  

  • Created a high-action change process that results in that dream work and contribution you’re passionate about, reveling in being your authentic self and calling the shots for your life
  • Leveraged your skills, talents, and passions for not only what you do well, but for what you LOVE doing well

  • Implemented an A-plus (Accountability Plus) plan that ensures you don’t fall off track (or gets you back on track quickly!)

  • Nailed down a clear vision of Who You Are (no more operating from a ‘who you were’ or ‘should be’ perspective), What You Want, and (exactly) How To Get It
  • Validated your vision to make sure it truly works for your next chapter and includes the people you want on the journey with you (we’ll get you through that ‘I'm being selfish’ myth)

  • Honored your commitment to self and to new (or renewed) purpose (no more SOMEday...THIS is your time and this mastercourse is your for-this-time prescription...the life change medicine the doctor ordered)

By the end of this Mastercourse, you will have: 

We will be launching this self-paced program in January 2021!

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Career Triage Mastercourse: The Megadose Prescription To Rehab Your Career

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Tonya Hill Allen

Tonya Hill Allen is Founder and Executive Director of Diane’s Heart nonprofit serving single moms and their children and the CEO of Falala Life where she uses her coaching and consulting expertise to help clients create the life, career or business they love. She has over 25 years Human Resources leadership experience in Healthcare Insurance, Government, Banking and Retail industries. She has extensive expertise in directing Talent and Culture; including talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, talent management, culture and engagement, learning and talent development, and associate health. She also has experience leading Strategic Planning, Communications and Contracts Administration. Tonya is a graduate of The University of Alabama. She is a Society of Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and is a Certified Professional Life Coach by Fowler Wainright International.


Gwen Hall

Gwen Hall, co-owner of Strategic Transformation Solutions, is a top-tier talent management and organizational development professional with over 25 years of operational, strategic planning and execution, and performance and process improvement experience. Gwen is a highly skilled and respected leader who specializes in individual, team and organizational transformation. She has degree concentrations in Business Administration – Finance and Organizational Management/Leadership, and a stellar career working with several non-profit organizations and large corporations. Gwen also holds certifications in leadership, strategic planning, facilitation and business, organization development, executive, and life coaching. In addition to her transformational work with STS, she currently works for Prisma Health as Executive Director of Learning and Organizational Development. 


René Washington

c.René Washington is a master certified life coach who empowers women at that midlife ‘What About Me?’ stage to successfully navigate major life transitions. Her signature coaching program, The Midlife Manifest, helps women break through the mental blocks that keep them stuck. Each one of René’s clients walks away with a clear plan of action and a powerful mindset to get them from dreams to reality. Prior to launching her coaching business, René had a successful corporate career with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, where she ran their management and soft skills training programs and provided coaching for executive and professional associates. Wanting more flexibility, she retired from corporate life, graduated from Dr. Martha Beck’s (Oprah’s life coach) life coaching school, and started her women-centered business.

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