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BIG News!...Wine Down Wednesdays

"See the past that no longer serves you as a history lesson, not your blueprint for life." ~ c.René

Last year, I did something really brave that transformed my life in the best of ways:

I got out of my own way.

At Career Triage, yes, we do career coaching and so much more. Unlike most career coaches, we don't start in the middle (resumés, performance reviews, job interest assessments, etc.), we start with the internal. Who are you without role or title? What beliefs and thoughts are blocking your success? Unlocking and unblocking is where the answers lie to what's keeping you from the career success you want and the life happiness you crave.

And we take our own medicine. Career Triage HQ was created because I worked with two money mindset coaches last year and uncovered mindset blocks around worth, deservedness, and confidence. I do a daily ritual/practice on keeping my mind, crap-free and that keeps space open for creativity, opportunities and joyful living to abound. I learned to fully trust myself and follow God-sent nudges. That birthed Career Triage, our passion-mission to build as many runways as possible for women to fly. To help women make the career and life pivots that will get you to living your best life. And we have a new opportunity for you to get on that runway!


Each Wednesday at 6:00pm CST - 6:30pm CST, one to all three of the expert Career Triage master coaches (me, Gwen Hall, Tonya Allen) will be LIVE in the Career Triage facebook group to answer your questions and get suggestions on additional ways we can help YOU get out of your way and make your dreams your reality!

What you need to do to participate:

1. Join our facebook group, here. Not on facebook? We got you! Join through zoom, here.

2. Save The Date! Give yourself something great to look forward to by marking your calendars with Wine Down Wednesdays.

3. Send your questions ahead of time if you want confidentiality OR are unable to attend live. Your questions will be answered and you can view the replay. Send questions to

4. Spread the word! Sharing is caring and if you know someone who's struggling with career drama and wants some life reinvention, get them in here. Forward this email.

See you Wednesday and you can wine down with wine, coffee, tea, lemonade...whatever, just come get this juice!

Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. Career Triage keeps you Stay Ready!


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