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Is It Time For An Upgrade?

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. ~ George Bernard Shaw

I LOVE tuna salad, specifically the tuna salad I make from my dad’s recipe. Maybe you read the newsletter, The Recipe For Getting The Career You Want about tweaking the ingredients for what makes you happy. Well, I made a change to the tuna recipe that’s more than a tweak, it’s an upgrade. I changed the brand/type of tuna. Since childhood, I’ve used Chicken of The Sea tuna, only switching from oil-based to water-based. On a recent Costco run, the wild-caught albacore caught my attention. The quality looked better, but the quantity/cost meant I’d be paying more for fewer cans. I decided to give it a try and cue the Hallelujah Chorus! I could taste the difference and it was gooood... So. Much. Better.

We are mindset coaches and we constantly check our own mindset in all areas of our lives because we know that change doesn’t have to start with a leap off of a building. It begins with flipping the thought that you don’t deserve better...that you have to settle for less than you desire. Then you can start with one small change...then another...then another...and another, until your life has done a 180° turn. The true cost of our decisions should be assessed on value, not just dollars. And we also know that lifelong vigilance is required to not turn back. You’re worth the upgrade investment!



ASSESS WHAT YOU’RE TOLERATING: Use this worksheet to start tracking and eliminating those small life drags that are sapping your energy and life satisfaction.

CHECK OUT THIS LIST OF UPGRADES for inspiration here and start with one.


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