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Is It Your Why or Your Way?

In my past life, I ran a corporate management training program. I was responsible for training, coaching and developing people to be great leaders.

If a manager had an issue with a bad review from their direct reports, I’d ask, Why did you want to be a manager? The answer (from poor managers) never included a love for people or people development. It would be some version of ‘deserving the promotion’.

When I walked them through the required behaviors (all people interaction related) needed to improve their relationship with their teams and their assessment scores, I’d ask, Can you do this? Typically, the response would be, Yes. Then I’d ask, Can you do it everyday?


Fear is a short term motivator, right? You can do seemingly impossible things long enough to clear the danger (in above example, it’s avoiding being fired). But sustaining behaviors for something you don’t love beyond the threat is a huge energy drain and probably isn’t a blueprint for long term success. Unless, as in the above example, you were a white male and got promoted up and out of direct people management. We keep it real.

Anyhoo...What does this have to do with you?

As we wind down to the end of the year, this is a great time to connect (or reconnect) to your Big Why re why you do the work you do. To assess whether you have a Why issue??

Maybe you’re clear on your Why, but you’re not feeling the joy because it’s not a sustainable Why. Are you in a ‘should’ zone or a ‘passion’ zone? And the passion can be outside of the work you do. The check is whether the passion is internally driven or is actually external and obligatory. Are you connected to your Big A purpose everyday?

Maybe your Why is on point and you have a Way issue. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” is true.

Ask yourself if you’re doing value generating, ‘in your lane of genius’ work? Or if you’re doing ‘outside of your lane’ work? That’s a Way issue. When we REALLY enjoy our work, we’ll jump through hoops of fire to do it, won’t we?? Are you in That Thing? Are you doing work that lights you up, fulfills purpose, and provides the space and income you need to enjoy life on your terms?

If Yes! Congratulations!! If not, you can find your way. Yes. You. Can.




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