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The Recipe For Getting The Career You Want

"A good listener is one who helps us overhear ourselves." ~ poet, Yahia Lababidi

When I first learned to cook, I followed the recipe to the letter. I wanted it to look exactly like the picture or taste just like my dad’s. I had to have the exact ingredients and if I couldn’t get the exact ingredients, it would freak me out. As I became more experienced, I started thinking, “Well, what would be a good substitute for that?” Or, “I don’t even like that ingredient, so why am I putting it in this dish?” I started improvising... making the recipe my own. And that’s when I became a great cook.

And this is also a metaphor for getting the life you want. Here’s the Career Triage recipe for creating a good-to-GREAT life of working and living in your purpose and passion:

Know Yourself + Assess Yourself + Brand Yourself

Like the early years of a newbie cook, what we know about ourselves often connects to prescribed life scripts (recipes) from family, education, career tracks, etc. We fit ourselves into the safe boxes that work well...until they don’t. Career frustration can connect to faulty communication or feedback AND it may also be signaling that it’s time to change the recipe...taking out the ingredients that don’t work for you and making it your own. Either way, we have resources to help you get the clarity you crave and a plan for moving forward. Sounds delicious, right?

Start cooking up your new life with these resources:

How To Trust Yourself: Learn the power of following your inner compass (from first season of Rene’s podcast; ignore the promotion instructions)

The Value Of External Assessment: Watch our QuickTalk: Getting The Feedback You Need

Take A Deeper Dive: Watch our mini-masterclass, The Feedback Factor on getting and leveraging feedback for career success

Know Yourself. Assess Yourself. Brand Yourself.

The Master Coaches of Career Triage HQ, LLC

Rene’ Washington, Gwen Hall, and Tonya Hill Allen

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