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Thriving Beyond A Pandemic

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

On the evening of October 4th 2012, my mom and I had two brief conversations. The next morning, she died from a pulmonary embolism. Her death was unexpected and unbelievably shocking. My family…her friends…we were all devastated. I truly wanted to die with her. Couldn’t imagine being in this world without my earthly guiding light.

As we go through these fraught times, I’m reminded of how much her death consumed me, consumed my life. It was a personal life-demic that I wasn’t sure I’d bounce back from. Eventually, I adapted to a new reality, forever changed.

I’m sure most of you have experienced life-demics. We’re collectively in the midst of a health pandemic and an economic pandemic. Politically, America is in a restructuring, a course correction that the world is watching. And in this collective life-demic, as in our personal life-demics, we have choices.

Embrace what serves your best self. Eliminate what doesn’t.

Know: What’s actually real? At Career Triage HQ, we know there can be much to fear. We also know that much of that fear is false and real concerns are addressed through inside out decisions. Leaning into your strengths, skill sets, and coping mechanisms is what will put you on the ‘life I crave’ path.

Assess: How are you messaging yourself through thoughts, media, environment? What feedback are you receiving personally and professionally? Your ability to objectively determine what’s true and what’s not is critically important. Do you need professional assistance (coaching, therapy) to assess?

Brand: No one is coming to save you. Doing the work to position yourself for success in spite of/because of external factors outside of your control is YOUR WORK to do. Understanding and owning that you have a personal brand (how you show up in the world), then acting through your brand to achieve your career and life goals is what will separate you from those who simply survive and those who thrive.

It was the best of times and the worst of times… ~ Charles Dickens

Relevant words for today and we believe that for many of us (particularly women), this is the time for us to take a stand for what we want. Yes, we are on hold with some things (like social gatherings). Yes life can feel like a constant stream of anxiety, but we believe that this is also a time of redefining and realigning priorities. We believe that the time is NOW to begin creating the life you want. Join us live for Talk About It Tuesdays to get your burning questions answered on how to do that by the expert master coaches at Career Triage. Get all the details here.

Know Yourself. Assess Yourself. Brand Yourself.

The Master Coaches of Career Triage HQ, LLC

Rene’ Washington, Gwen Hall, and Tonya Hill Allen

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