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To Shift or Sit: What Is Your Answer?

“Change occurs when excuses pivot to execution.” ~ Ryan Lilly

In the two coaching scenarios below one of the Master Coaches of Career Triage HQ helped a client work through a challenge with which she was struggling. You can see below how through using our Career Triage HQ signature process each client was able to be more empowered and to constructively move on from a situation in which she felt stuck.

Client A: Janet (name changed) was miserable. Her executive leadership role was taking a tremendous toll on her psyche, spirit, and health because of how toxic her work environment had become. In our coaching sessions, most of her focus was on what her V.P. was doing to her.

Her Shift: Janet learned to pull herself off the externalizing ledge. She learned that self-care isn’t frivolous, it’s self-respect which directly connects to how she allows others to treat her.

Result: She took a new position at a company where her talent and contribution is respected because now she knows how to assert herself. She has a more time-balanced life with space to enjoy her favorite hobbies.

Accountability: When she feels the creep of overwhelm and life getting off-kilter, she schedules a coaching session.

Client B: Lisa (name changed) retired from a long, highly successful career and was floundering. She’d chosen a new path (coaching), but things weren’t coming together in the way she’d hoped experientially or financially and she was beating herself up about her choices.

Her Shift: Learning to trust herself. She hadn’t chosen the wrong path. She needed to make it her own.

Result: Instead of fitting herself into a prescribed paradigm, she’s designing her own paradigm that incorporates all of her skills and allows her to flow in her zone of genius. And she’s ALL lit up about it! New opportunities and possibilities are opening up weekly.

Accountability: When self-doubt creeps in, she intensifies her mindset ritual practice and if that doesn’t do it, she gets coaching.

These are brief examples of the much deeper work we do with clients to help them stop ‘sitting’ on their dreams and shift into creating the life they want. To help you get started, we created a Career Makeover Guide that you can download here.

Know Yourself. Assess Yourself. Brand Yourself.

The Master Coaches of Career Triage HQ, LLC

Rene’ Washington, Gwen Hall, and Tonya Hill Allen

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