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Two Sizes Too Small

When I started a new, lower-level position due to a company restructuring to avoid a layoff, I could “snuggly” fit back into a smaller size skirt. I had lost about 10 pounds, not on purpose, but as a result of stress and not eating right as my HR team was responsible for laying off almost 300 people and I was responsible for laying off my entire Talent and Culture team. Whew, chile.

Well, I started this new position with optimism and gratefulness. After all, I was returning to a role that I had performed 10 years ago and I had worked with everyone on this management team before. No brainer, right? Wrong.

Straight misery! I was completely bored, not challenged AT ALL. I was trying to fit in with a passé management structure that had not evolved in the 10 years since I left. The same ole, same ole.

About a year later, summertime again, I grabbed that skirt in a mad panic running late for work. Are you kidding me? It won’t zip or button now. So, I frantically dig through my dresser drawer to find a Spanx shaper. Great, I get to be squeezed all day. I grease and finagle my hips into that skirt. Thank goodness the jacket is long and will cover my growing tail feather. So, I think...

Just like that too small skirt, I realized that my job was too small for me also. It was too small for my purpose and my calling. The environment was too small for the vision inside of my heart and the tribe was too small for my vibe. And just like that skirt, I could FEEL the tightness but everybody else could SEE it. A poor fit is visible no matter how you try to cover it.

When you’re not a fit or have outgrown a position, environment, culture or team, it shows.

It shows in your physical body.

Stress can kill you. I was stuffing my boredom with amazing cheese grits from the beautiful dining center at that job, but my health was paying for it. It was more stressful to “act” engaged than to be engaged. What are you doing to cope with your misery?

It shows in your performance level.

I was slowly adapting to being mediocre in my performance. I was doing ‘just enough to get by’ because that was all that was required. That’s not me. How far below your genius are you operating?

It shows in your thinking.

I noticed that my usual “glass half full” mindset had become so negative. Not only was the glass half empty but it was shattered into a thousand pieces. Are you “Negative Nelly” and you don’t even realize it?

Fortunately, I worked with great coaches to help me decide whether to leave, stay or change.

You can, too.




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