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Hopes and Dreams Have Not Been Canceled

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~ Mary Oliver

What kinds of conversations are you having? Covid? Racial unrest? Coming out of physical distancing? I’ve been having conversations with women and they’ve been about none of that. Nope. They’re talking about the lives they want to create. Work they want to do that impacts others in ways that they’re passionate about. They’re dreaming and planning.

Are you ready to envision your future?

Do This One Thing: This week, spy on yourself. Make daily notes on work/home activities that you categorize as…

  • Lights me up! (energizing/passionate)

  • Drags me down (never again, please!)

  • Meh (neutral)

Gathering this intel will help you become self-aware and cognizant of what kind of work and lifestyle you want for your next chapter in The New Normal. See the articles below for more help with this.

Growing Wings: The Power Of Change

Prepare Now For The Post-Pandemic Future Of Your Career

Check out our QuickTalk: Remaining Calm In The Midst of Crisis

Know Yourself. Assess Yourself. Brand Yourself.

The Master Coaches of Career Triage HQ, LLC

Rene’ Washington, Gwen Hall, and Tonya Hill Allen

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