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What’s Your ITA: Inspiration To Action?

“Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.” ~ Denzel Washington

This past week, two civil rights giants, Rev. C.T. Vivian and Rep. John Lewis made their heavenly transitions after long courageous lives of purpose, sacrifice, and impact. At Career Triage HQ, our mission is grounded in connecting people (especially women people) to taking purposeful action. We believe that walking in purpose up-levels our lives and uplifts the lives of others. To NOT walk in our gifts and strengths dishonors the memories of all of those who walked in theirs on our behalf.

Reflection Questions

What/Who inspires you to take purposeful action? What action(s) is nudging you that you’re ignoring? Go deeper with our free Career Makeover Guide. Download here.

Be About It!

Pretend that Career Triage is waving its magic wand over you, granting the ONE THING you need to get moving towards your purposeful life. We’d love for you to send responses to to help us better serve your needs.

Listen In

Did you miss last week’s Wine Down Wednesday? We haven’t come with wine yet, but we always come with the ‘get your life’ tea! Catch our talk on why strengthening your strengths is a critical step in rehabbing your career here.

Know Yourself. Assess Yourself. Brand Yourself.

The Master Coaches of Career Triage HQ, LLC

Rene’ Washington, Gwen Hall, and Tonya Hill Allen

P.S. Join us live for Wine Down Wednesdays to get your burning questions answered by the expert master coaches at Career Triage. Get all the details here.

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